July 19, 2024

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3 Reasons You’re Overeating at Night & What To Do About It! — YES! Nutrition, LLC

3 Reasons You’re Overeating at Night & What To Do About It! — YES! Nutrition, LLC

I’ve counseled numerous women and men like Marissa who share a similar story.  They start off their day with the best intentions of doing “good,” so they eat exercise intensely, they eat very lightly, they keep their meals and snack to a minimum in an effort to “cut calories,” and they even ignore their own hunger cues.  Essentially, they under-eat.  And, when they approach dinner, they’re over-hungry and stressed.  So they eat what they feel like is more than what they need.

Turns out that like Marissa and the many others I’ve counseled, research demonstrates similar outcomes.  Both hunger and negative feelings (like stress!) can increase the risk for overeating.  (1) In fact, food deprivation and food restriction are thought to be predictive factors in increasing the amount of food eaten following these occasions.  (2) 

So, what’s a gal like Marissa to do?  In the video, I shared my top three tips, including to:

  1. Eat more, earlier in the day!  (3)
  2. Include foods with fiber, protein and healthy fats to deliver the fuel you need to feel well and to stay fuller for longer.
  3. Listen in to your hunger and fullness cues, and say “yes” to your yearnings!  (4)

Of course, managing stress and getting adequate sleep are important for reaching optimal health too. 

That’s my answer to a healthier you! 

I’d love to know: Can you relate to Marissa?  What have you learned?  Share your comment with me below. 

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Thank you so much for watching (and reading)!  I’ll see you soon.



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