September 25, 2023

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Be Where Your Hands Are


Confession: I have a ridiculously really hard time keeping in the present instant. So much so I’m writing this web site post and pondering about what new recipe I can share with you guys’ subsequent 7 days. And if my young children have gloves and hats in their school lockers mainly because it’s a tiny chilly with out of doors recess now. GAH. Existing Minute KATHERINE!

Current minute: Auto line with Significant Mac!

I are inclined to focus on the earlier, which I know I just cannot alter. Then I begin thinking about and fearing for the long run, and I cannot do nearly anything about that either. So what else is there to do?

Be exactly where your arms are….

When I get into these mental areas, focusing on wherever my arms are DOES help convey me into reality. What’s going on at this extremely next. Crafting this. Connecting with you. Sipping on scorching coffee. Concentrating on this thought- getting wherever my palms are- aids floor me and convey interest to what seriously issues.

But a lot more than concentrating on in which my arms are, I change to God in prayer and check with for aid. Enable turning off feelings about the previous, the long run, about several items in the current moment that really don’t genuinely subject. Irrespective of what I’m doing or contemplating, I imagine God is with me. And desires what is ideal for me and my kids.

One of my favored weekly “moments,” Sunday meal and/or lunch with my moms and dads.

God, continuously show me the Current, no matter what comes my way. Assistance me to remain in the minute to recognize you there with me. Demonstrate me how to give the reward of each and every instant to many others, especially my children.



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