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Botox and Migraine: What You Need to Know


June is Nationwide Migraine and Headache Recognition Thirty day period.Medically reviewed by Dr. Rashmi B. Halker Singh

You’ve heard of Botox as a cosmetic method — but did you know that Botox is also utilized as a remedy for various medical conditions, together with migraine illness?

We wanted to study a lot more about how Botox can enable with this debilitating ailment, so we reached out to Dr. Rashmi B. Halker Singh, a headache neurologist and member of HealthyWomen’s Women’s Wellbeing Advisory Council who also has firsthand knowledge with migraine, to see what she has to say.

What is migraine illness?

Migraine is a neurological, genetic ailment that has a elaborate group of indicators, together with head discomfort, mild and sound sensitivity, nausea, and difficulty concentrating. Migraine influences about a billion persons throughout the world — like one particular in 5 women of all ages. Even though it’s a prevalent condition, its signs are usually underrecognized. While numerous are acquainted with migraine as a form of headache, a migraine assault in fact has four stages: prodrome, aura, headache and postdrome.

To assist consider no matter if recurrent headache attacks could be migraine, Halker Singh suggests using the mnemonic “PIN.”

  • P: Photophobia, the clinical time period for light sensitivity
  • I: Impairment, meaning you don’t truly feel like you are running on your regular cognitive level
  • N: Nausea

If recurrent complications are accompanied by two out of the a few signs and symptoms outlined by “PIN,” there is a very good opportunity that you are going through migraine complications — as opposed to other styles of headache, like stress headaches or sinus complications.

What is Botox and how can it handle long-term migraine?

Botox is a brand of botulinum neurotoxin that has been built from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Even though it is most nicely-identified for its wrinkle-diminishing skills, Botox therapies can also assistance lazy eye, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), bladder dysfunction and muscle mass contractions as effectively as chronic migraine.

Botox has been formally authorised, and regulated, by the Foods and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration) as a remedy for migraine given that 2010. Specialists still are not accurately absolutely sure how Botox will help prevent migraine assaults, but the existing knowing is that Botox probably aids with migraine by protecting against soreness transmission.

Botox is really effective at avoiding migraine attacks. In truth, individuals report that just after two botox therapies, their number of headache days lessens by 50%. A study in the Journal of Headache and Discomfort located that after the 3rd remedy, folks with persistent migraine described decreased headache intensity and frequency of headache medicine taken as nicely.

“In clinical trials, on normal, clients practical experience 40 hrs fewer of migraine assaults for every thirty day period with [Botox], but in my have personalized clinical follow, I have viewed responses vary significantly,” Halker Singh stated. She stated that, in folks who uncover Botox handy, responses variety from complete reduction to less migraine assaults.

Syringes are filled with injection and medical vaccine WEST

Who can acquire Botox for migraine?

Botox is a preventive treatment specifically for continual migraine, which has an effect on 3%-5% of the U.S. populace. In buy to be identified with continual migraine, headache attacks will have to meet migraine requirements. In addition, you should knowledge any sort of headache 15 days a thirty day period, and for at least 8 of those people days, your headache assault have to both meet up with migraine standards or be prevented by medicine before it gets to that place. Lastly, this sample must be stable for at least 3 months.

If you consider you may be a applicant for a persistent migraine diagnosis — and Botox therapy — Halker Singh suggests utilizing a headache diary. “Sometimes when persons come in to see me in the clinic, they are actually interested in locating remedy and sometimes what they prioritize is their worst assaults,” Halker Singh stated. “What’s actually practical and vital to know is what’s taking place on people other times. So a headache diary can be genuinely useful to clarify for the reason that if they have any type of headache on other times, they may possibly have continual migraine,” she said.

Due to the fact the Food and drug administration has accepted botox treatment method for persistent migraine assaults, most insurance policy corporations will protect these treatment options, but each coverage business is distinct. Some demand you to go through a process identified as action treatment first, which might consist of seeking other drugs prior to approving Botox. It’s vital to explain to your HCP about all the treatment options you’ve attempted so they can make an educated choice about the very best up coming methods for you.

How are Botox solutions offered?

Botox therapies for procedure of migraine consist of 31 injections, concentrating on 7 key muscle groups in the head and neck. However this might seem to be like a large amount of pictures, appointments only last all around 20 minutes, and the slim needles make the technique far more snug, much too. Therapies are administered each and every 12 weeks.

Must you try Botox for your migraine ailment?

Botox is deemed an exceptional procedure for chronic migraine because it is Fda-permitted and normally very well-tolerated. If you are considering utilizing Botox to address your migraine sickness, be positive to communicate to your HCP about any prospective aspect outcomes.

The base line is that Botox can be an effective cure for chronic migraine and has been observed to boost patients’ quality of lifestyle. If you live with chronic migraine, check with your healthcare provider to come across out if Botox is an option for you.

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