July 21, 2024

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When I was a kid, I had a very robust appetite. I have always been a fast metabolizer (needing higher levels fat and protein to be satiated), and for my entire childhood and all the way through college, I was a competitive gymnast with a very intensive training schedule and energy output.

Meanwhile, I was taught that a proper woman should eat light and always orderthe salad –– after all, it was the 1970’s-80’s and the fat free movement was in full swing.

Let’s just say, my needs as a young girl were not well accepted by cultural norms.

I have been thinking about this a lot:

Our western patriarchal culture, one that’s been around for a millennia, has shaped a woman’s relationship with food and our bodies—from corsets to skinny jeans.

In speaking with many of my clients, this feeling is mutual.

How can we take the patriarchy off of our plates and out of our mirrors?

Living more embodied and in real-time with our eating, and learning how to eat and live in a way that is metabolically satiating and sound, is an important conversation to call front and center.

I know there are many layers to this. I also recognize I can only scratch the surface here, and that my area of expertise lies more on our plates than in the political and patriarchal shortcomings. 

Regardless, I took a leap and to plant the seed here for all of us to ponder. 

Most of us have dieted, tried to conform to impossible standards with how are bodies look (I know I have!), or even hidden our vulnerability from the world behind our weight.

And, worst of all, all of it has been normalized as just what women do.

Just to be sure I am clear, I see nothing wrong with wanting to lose a few pounds, feel good in our bodies, or bring more health and mindfulness to our eating.

What I am talking about is the deeper places we feel devalued and objectified, where sexism has crept onto our menus and into our minds.

Bringing your embodied feminine to the table means creating a body-centered resolution with how you eat, while being keenly aware and authentic with the full experience you have with our food –– tracking your bodily cues and sensations such as hunger and fullness, as well as your feelings, thoughts, and stories around your eating and your body.

It’s here we create sovereign satiation. 👸🏽

If you want to go deeper with me, and reveal your greatest embodied feminine power and wisdom within your eating (and living), consider joining me in the new Make Peace With Your Plate Women’s Circles.

We start October 17th!

These circles are here to guide you step-by-step in cultivating a soul-centered relationship with food and your body.