June 17, 2024

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Coping With Addiction Along With Motherhood

How to Get Help for Your Addicted Mom

Being a mother means not only taking care of your children accomplishing physical achievement but also encouraging them to become a better person. And doing all these become such a burden when you are a single mother. Some mothers easily glide through the process but some couldn’t cope with the pressure and end up seeking unfortunate pathways to deal with the responsibility.

It might start with a small drink at the end of the day as a stress-reliever but it soon transforms into an addiction. Parental figures with addiction should admit to a suboxone clinic near me to deal with the situation as it will not only impact their lives but their children’s as well. Hence, it’s extremely lucky that there are o many comprehensive recovery options available for women with children.

Rehabilitation Programs for Mothers

Due to the stress of taking care of the kids, being a perfect role model, and sometimes enduring relationship difficulties, addiction effects are different in mothers or dare we say more prominent. But as we know, many people with the acute condition of addiction have been successful to fight it off. There are mainly three factors a mother recovery plan should depend on:

  • Suitable treatment and therapy offers by the suboxone clinic
  • Affordability is a major factor along with flexible payment plans
  • Greater options of aftercare treatment and sober living
  • Including extensive psychological therapy for the dual-diagnosis disorder

Not to forget, an external plan for taking care of the kids should also be included in the recovery program.

Keeping Touch with Children While Recovering

Mothers who are addicted should definitely focus more on the suboxone treatment and overall healing procedure but it is inevitable for them to not think about their kids. They might think during their rehab time, their kids might get emotionally detached from them and this thought process is pretty understandable.

Because patients need to fully focus on their addiction recovery, ensuring that their mind is not engaged in such stressful thinking should be smarter. And that’s why patients should choose a rehab that has flexible visitation hours as well as allow daily phone calls.

 Aftercare Plans That Includes Children

Once you’ll leave the rehab, it will be easier for you to bond with your kids, but there’s also a downside to it. And that is the high chances of relapse. You need to stay focus on the suboxone treatment near me, especially after discharge from the clinic. You might want to pick up where you left or right after entering your home, but that would be a big no-no.

During the post-recovery sessions with suboxone near me, your focus mostly should be on getting better and staying away from stress full stuff. But as taking care of children can be quite the opposite, it is recommended that you get help from your partner or other family members.

 Your children might expect the same from you like getting them ready for school, making their meals, etc but you need to make them understand the inhibitions of your current life. If you are a mother of teenagers then it might not be as challenging, regardless, you should make them understand the importance of your recovery process.

But that doesn’t mean you should completely stay out of their radar during your treatment time in recovery connection. Spend quality time with them by taking part in fun activities, listening to their rant after their day’s hardship or you can help them in their studies as well. In short, help them in tasks that will not meddle with your sobriety.

Family’s Part in the Recovery Process

The family can take an active part in helping the mother get better. Having a supportive family will help the patient to progress at a faster rate with the help of suboxone doctors near me. And for doing that, the family should educate themselves about addiction. Learning the specifics about substance abuse will teach them how to support their recovery and keep them away from relapse. Recovering from addiction might get overwhelming for some people and in such a situation having the mental support of their family will help a lot. Doing smaller things like driving them to therapy sessions and doctor’s appointments will also suffice.