July 20, 2024

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Health Issues with Obesity or Overweight

<strong>Health Issues with Obesity or Overweight</strong>

Obese people are more prone to health issues, negative consequences, and concerns. Being overweight or obese increases the possibility of numerous ailments manifolds, and obesity is rising the world over, including US.36.5% of the adult population of the US are obese, and another 32.5% are overweight. Around 66% of the adult US population is either suffering from obesity or is overweight. Moreover, 17% of American children from the age group from two to nineteen are obese, accounting for one of every six children who are overweight. Around12.7 million US children either fall in the overweight or obese category. But obesity among preschool children has been plunging in recent years.

One of the top five reasons for death

Children with overweight or obese are more likely (five times) to grow adult obese than children with regular weight. According to a study, men with waist perimeter categorized in the highest 10% measurement have more chance (20 times) to develop type II diabetes. People with thin waistlines have less possibility of developing diabetes. Surprisingly obesity is one of the top five reasons for death; around2.8 a million people die due to obesity. The medical cost of obese people is higher than $1,429 annually than people with normal body weight. Skin rashes are often associated with type II diabetes, and a skin condition known as acanthosis nigricans can occur on folds of accumulated fat. 

Scientifically formulated

If you want to get rid of excess body fat by revisiting a thin waistline, there are many weight loss supplements that are reviewed in HCVadvocateSome weight loss medications are formulated for women, as they find it harder to lose weight in spite of workouts and household errands. The supplements are specifically formulated to burn excess body lipids to hang on to the hourglass figure and to provide energy during physical activities. Just a capsule per day can achieve the desired figure. A bottle lasts for a month as it contains thirty pills. If you opt to purchase two or three bottles, a discount is offered by the manufacturer. 


People on a diet regime and weight loss program often face hunger issues, mood swings, and fatigue, but glucomannan, an important ingredient, takes care of such issues. It is a dietary fiber derived from the root of the konjac plant, which has been used as an herb and spice for decades in Asian culture. Glucomannan absorbs water from the intestine and stomach to form a bulky fiber effective for treating constipation. It may also reduce the bioavailability of sugar and cholesterol in the gut, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar level.

The products featured and reviewed in HCVadvocate are effective. To get the best result from a weight loss supplement with glucomannan, it is recommended to take it one hour before a meal. It is also a source of good gut bacteria and combats hunger.