June 22, 2024

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How Mobile Technology Is Changing The Healthcare Industry


Technology has been improving and upgrading over the last ten years drastically, so it is no wonder that it has made its impact on the healthcare industry as well. Starting with mobile phones and tablets to smartwatches, both patients and doctors can have proper full control and everything just one click away!

The best perk is improved patient engagement and happier patients, and who wouldn’t want that?! If you wish to know how mobile technology has made its impact keep on reading and find out down below!

What is mobile healthcare technology?

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Ever since the Covid-19 era people had to think big, upgrade and try out new ways that can work while being available at distance. Taking care of your health is not always possible and not everyone can head out to their nearest clinic. Some people are too old to move, others don’t have healthcare, and so on.

This is why nowadays mobile healthcare technology encompasses everything from healthcare apps to electronic healthcare records to home healthcare. In fact, you can download and access a ton of different kinds of health apps that can monitor your signs or a patient’s vital signs remotely. Mobile healthcare means going digitally and solving health-related issue from the comfort of your home.

Top 5 important facts about mobile technology

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1. Better efficiency overall

It doesn’t matter if you are a patient or a doctor, both individuals want fast and effective results. If you wish to improve your workflow and be faster, digital apps can truly help you with that! With them, you can access the data at any given time and anywhere you are in the world. You can fill out a chart or edit some minor changes if needed.

The administrative staff can also benefit from this since they get to collect patient data easily, including signatures, and document scans within a couple of minutes. If you are aiming for accuracy, efficiency, and speed, it is better to go digital!

2. This approach is safe and secure

Data security, privacy protection, and the safety of personal health information should be kept private in every city and in every industry. Your personal medical record probably includes some sensitive personal information, which is why your data has to be secured and has to be kept private at all times (at least that’s what you’d want and expect from your doctor, right?).

This is why there are a ton of regulations and privacy policies applicable to your app and file. Ever heard of HIPPA? Well, your doctor has to sign compliance which keeps the information private and not as easy to share with others. Any kind of data leakage or a security breach would be considered a serious violation of HIPPA rules.

3. You are always using and buying your meds on time

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How many times have you forgotten to take your meds and you have skipped your dose? Happens to all of us. But this is where devices and mobile apps play a significant role. With the right approach and a proper app, each person can get a reminder that it is time to see a specialist or stock up on meds.

Family members and caregivers, especially patients with mental health conditions, should have access to all of their personal and important information. You can benefit from this if you are a doctor, a patient, or even a physician who has to have a session with a new patient, which is why you’re going to need a reminder and a detailed schedule. In the long run, you’re looking at a lot fewer medical errors and far more personalized care.

4. Easy to wear and use

Who wouldn’t want to monitor or track their progress these days? You should turn to smartwatches, biosensors, and wearables that can keep your form in check, along with your vitals such as heartbeat, O2 consumption, etc. Thanks to body-sensing technology one can easily improve his or her health and exercise routines a day and set up any new goals.

By regularly updating your watch and your vitals, your doctor can see and monitor your recovery progress in real-time + they can compare data from different patients and make informed risk assessments. Nowadays these watches are both pretty and functional, which makes them a must-have stylish accessory for everyday wear by both genders.

5. Reduced operational costs

Did you know that you can enjoy data-based insights for better diagnostics as well as operations management? Think about quick and accurate response times, along with constant support or help that is just one click away from you! No need to show up, use your money for transportation or gas when you can get all your answers on the phone.

Cloud-based storage and no paperwork are better for your doctor, but also for the environment itself. Think about it and about how much paper we tend to spend, it’s insane. Cloud-based storage usually comes with backup and recovery features, which means that no document or piece of important information can get lost. If you still haven’t now might be a good time to give it a go with virtual consultations and see how it changes your point of view.

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How to take care of yourself and your health?

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You are looking at testing prescriptions, booking online or directly with a provider (no more waiting on hold or endless telephone trees), access to supplements, peptides, and so much more. Take care of your health as of today. Get in touch with them and give them a go, and see what they can do for you or your family members.


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