May 19, 2024

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How to Get Back On the Recovery Treatment after Relapse

Coming Back to Treatment After Relapse - Great Oaks Recovery Center

Relapse is the hardest thing to deal with after addiction. Because that becomes the lowest part of a person who might have tried so much to stay sober. However, let’s not forget that relapse is also a part of recovery. There are only a handful of people who might not have relapsed before recovering fully. Your main concern now should be getting back on the horse and getting better after the relapse.

So, here we present 4 absolute tips to bounce back from relapse…

If you have relapsed recently, then you are on the right track as you are looking trying to recovery from the mistake so that you won’t have to return to the opioid clinic in New Bedford.

Learn from the past

You cannot turn back the time, all you can do is take lessons from the mistakes you have made. This is the best way to make something positive out of a negative circumstance. Look back at the time of relapse to identify what made you relapse; was it the peer pressure from your social circle? Was it because of some distress feelings or was it because you stopped taking therapy?  Whatever it is, ensure that this time you are not making the same mistakes as before to avoid taking opioid withdrawal treatment again.

Join a 12-step meeting

One of the best ways to deal with relapse is getting help from professionals. And we are not talking about suboxone doctors, because as much as their input is important for recovering from addiction, you will need psychological counseling to get over the relapse. So for the time being, you need to join a group therapy more importantly a 12 step group therapy. There, you will not only get help from the therapist in charge but also other members. Mostly the members who have gone through relapse but are still fighting addiction. Something that opioid treatment doctors cannot teach you.

Getting proper medicinal treatment

If you have relapsed and now find it hard to stop, then you should consult with medical professionals. You might need to go back to rehab as well, but it all together works out well for you. Many people live in denial after relapsing just to get away from repeating all the addiction treatment procedures. But that way you will only worsen your case. You should confide in opioid treatment doctors near me till there is still time for you to recover from it. It becomes more important when you have relapses due to an underlying cause. You might not have been honest to your therapist to share all your problems and now that problem has made you relapse. So, this time don’t repeat the same mistake and get help for your unresolved issues.

Avoid triggers

This time is smart to know what your triggers are what isn’t. You should identify the objects, places, and situations that cause you to crave from substance. Such steps should be taken right after coming out of opioid treatment near me, but it’s better late than never. Upon identifying all the triggers, you should eliminate them all. You should also endorse people who surround you to stop smoking and drinking in front of you. Such actions are no less than triggers. Doing all these might be tough for you, but it’s a small price to pay to live a healthy life with your loved ones. Let’s not forget about the sublocade cost that comes after relapse.

You shouldn’t be hard on yourself because you have relapse sometimes that also can be a reason for failed recovery treatment. Just ensure that now you have complete focus on your goal and following through with all the addiction treatment procedures. So many people relapse but they also get control over themselves in time; you can do that with the help of the best sublocade treatment centers.