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Is Diet-To-Go Worth It? Our Comprehensive Review 2022


Diet-To-Go is one of the newer meal delivery services on the market, but they’ve grown in popularity quite quickly.

They offer a nutritional delivery service that caters to folks on one of several diets. The service offers meals for Paleo, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian diets; though you can also design your own meal plan.

All meals are fresh, made to order and shipped directly to your door (or office). You’ll receive seven days of meals delivered at regular intervals (each time you receive a new shipment of food, someone from diet To Go will contact you with an update on when they plan to deliver your next batch).

As mentioned above, each shipment includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners–you choose how many meals per day you’d like and then work out how many days your supply will last before placing an order.

Where can you find Diet-To-Go meals?

Delivery meal programs are a terrific option for people with busy schedules, who lack time to cook or want healthier meals but don’t know how to prepare them. Because of their convenience and cost-efficiency, they are becoming an increasingly popular option among weight loss dieters.

Diets such as Atkins and South Beach allow foods like chicken breasts, pork chops and fish, but do not offer specific meal plans to their customers. These types of diets can be complex because you may not get all of your daily nutrients when you eat only these kinds of foods on a regular basis.

Other diets may include prepackaged meals with names such as Lean Cuisine® or Jenny Craig®, which can be pricey when you look at your weekly food budget.

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How much does the Diet-To-Go meals service cost?

In general, meal delivery services cost $8 – $12 per meal, which is far less than a restaurant meal (they tend to average $20 each) but more than a quick meal out of your pantry.

The good news is that you have some flexibility in terms of meals: many programs let you choose from several options and some allow substitutions.

For example, at Diet-To-Go you can choose two breakfasts ($9 each), two lunches ($10 each), and two dinners ($11 each). You can also substitute lunch for another breakfast or dinner if you want to mix things up.

Delivery fees are usually around $5-$7 per delivery depending on how far away your home is from their nearest location.

Taste & Texture

I’ve tried several meal delivery programs, but for me and my busy schedule, Diet-To-Go is a solid choice.

For one thing, unlike some of its competitors like HelloFresh or Blue Apron, you can choose when you want your meals delivered; most services require a particular date (meaning you have to plan weeks in advance), but DTG’s Next Day service I can have fresh dinners waiting for me at home every night of the week. I don’t even have to leave my apartment until it’s time to eat!

Pros of Diet-To-Go Service

Diet-To-Go is a healthy, convenient meal delivery service. We love that you can order online, or over the phone and your meals are delivered to your door. There’s no hassle with prepping ingredients or shopping, which makes life easier.

And when you’re busy working (or maybe just enjoying life) you don’t want to worry about what to eat for dinner… Diet-to-go does all of that for you!

Delivery charges vary based on how many meals per week and how far away from their facilities in New York City (which are located near Wall Street), Westchester County and Connecticut they need to deliver, but average around $12-$16/meal.

Cons of Diet-To-Go Service

While there are certainly benefits to using a meal delivery service like Diet-To-Go, there are also downsides that must be considered. The cost of living in a city like New York can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars each month and making sure you’re eating healthy food can get pricey as well.

What’s more, many diet delivery services have limited options for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance or those with allergies to certain ingredients like peanuts. For example, many meal delivery services cater solely to vegetarian diets—while others will try their best to customize meals based on any number of personal dietary needs.

How It Compares

When we surveyed our readers, many of them told us they would like to get a better sense of how different diet meal delivery services compare.

With that in mind, we compared three popular diet meal delivery services—Nutrisystem, Diet-To-Go and Jenny Craig—and found they each had their own benefits.

Depending on your food preferences and budget, you may prefer one service over another; but overall we thought all three services were pretty solid options.

Diet-To-Go came out on top for its reasonably priced plans and free trial offers in terms of price. And when it comes to taste and convenience, readers said Nutrisystem was best.

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Overall Thoughts & Customer Reviews

To be honest, I was a little hesitant to try out another delivery meal program, but Diet-To-Go won me over.

It seems that they pay attention to customer feedback because they’ve tweaked their recipes based on those suggestions.

The first thing I noticed was how quickly my order arrived – two days after placing my order.

The second thing I noticed is how fresh everything was – nothing reeked of freezer burn! The food is delicious and there are more than enough options to keep you happy as a free-range chicken.


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