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Refreshing Summer Smoothie – The Domestic Dietitian


The weather is heating up and this vitamin and minerals packed Refreshing Summer Smoothie is full of bright, fresh flavors. A great morning smoothie that not only wakes up the taste buds but can offer antioxidants to give skin that summer glow.

Disclosure – we work with memore and receive compensation to share their product information. However, all views expressed are completely our own and only work with and share products we personally believe in and use ourselves.

Light and Fresh Summer Smoothie

We are big fans of smoothies at our house. Not only are they simple and can be whipped up pretty quickly, but it’s a great way to add in an extra bit of fruits and veggies to your day.

This smoothie was created to be clean, fresh and bright tasting. We used some lighter flavors for summer, when you don’t want anything too heavy or dense tasting. It’s the perfect little pick me up to wake up your taste buds with fresh lemon and tart apple.

Antioxidant Packed Ingredients

refreshing summer smoothie recipe

Sometimes our skin takes a beating during the summer with all the sun, chlorine, sunscreen, etc. This smoothie is packed with ingredients that are designed to be beneficial to our skin.

  • spinach is high in vitamin a, c and k, all of which can help the look and texture of skin, as well as act as an antioxidant to prevent free radicals from damaging our cells
  • celery contains antioxidants as well that can offer skin cell protection, as well as water which is one of the most ingredients for healthy skin
  • banana and apple add a naturally sweet flavor, as well as fiber to help keep you full and keep the digestive tract happy

Time Saving Tip – we like to put all the ingredients into freezer friendly bags to have pre-measured, single serve smoothie packets ready to go. All you do when ready is add water, memore and the contents of the freezer bag to your blender.

Adding Memore to Our Daily Ritual

refreshing summer smoothie with memore

We always add Memore to our daily smoothies. Memore is a nutritional beverage supplement (in powder form) that is made from REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS and is designed to provide daily nutrients that support brain health.

The ingredients in their products include items like –

  • blueberries
  • sweet potatoes
  • turmeric
  • ginger
  • spinach
  • garbanzo beans
  • flax seed

Adding two scoops into your smoothie not only provides a host of vitamins and minerals, but plant based protein and dietary fiber as well. Plus, one serving of memore is equal to an entire serving of dark green leafy veggies.

refreshing summer smoothie in blender

You can order your own Memore here and use the code “the_domestic_dietitian” at checkout to get a great discount.

You can check out our other great smoothie recipes that use Memore here –

Refreshing Summer Smoothie Recipe

refreshing summer smoothie in blender

Refreshing Summer Smoothie

A refreshing summer smoothie that’s not only a great way to wake up and start the day but packed with vitamins and minerals for healthy skin.

Author Brynn McDowell, RDN at The Domestic Dietitian

  • 8
  • 1
  • 1/2
    lemon, peel removed, cut into rough chunks
  • 1
    celery, chopped
  • 1/2
    apple, cut into chunks
  • 1
    banana, frozen
  • 2
    (see note below)

  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.

Memore is a nutritional beverage supplement that uses real food ingredients designed to promote brain health. 

You can order Memore online here

and the code “the_domestic_dietitian” gets you a discount on your order.


**note we are affiliates of memore and make a small commission if the above link/code are used for purchase. we use memore personally and only work with companies we trust and use ourselves. 

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