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Transforming Health Cracks the Nutrient Code with its 100% Real-Food derived, Multi Vitamin and Mineral Formula | News


The Evolution of Multi Vitamin Supplementation is Finally Here

VANCOUVER, BC, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Transforming Health Inc., is proud to announce the North American release of the world’s first 100% Real-Food derived, Multi Vitamin, Mineral Formula.

Millions of people throughout North America supplement with a daily multi vitamin/mineral formula because they believe it will help them maintain above-average health. The vast majority of consumers are unaware that 99% of multi-vitamins are 100% synthetically made and as such do not resemble the way nutrients in real food look or behave once in the body.

“Since most synthetic supplements contain little to no biologically active nutrients, they are mostly ineffective,” says Brad King, an award-winning Nutritional Formulator and president of Transforming Health Inc. “We created a supplement that is the next best thing to real food, as our vitamins and minerals are derived exclusively from real organic superfoods using a hybrid freeze drying and water extraction technology. Consumers now have a choice when it comes to plant-based vitamins and minerals, instead of isolated synthetic supplements,” continued King.

Synthetic nutrients are used in the majority of supplements due to their low cost and stability, but consumers should understand that they are processed from cheap starting chemicals like petroleum, coal tar and acetone. The body has a difficult time knowing how to use synthetic nutrients, not to mention the binders and fillers used in the manufacturing of these supplements. Research indicates, synthetic versions of vitamins, for instance, have lower antioxidant activity when compared to naturally-derived plant-based vitamins. Aside from this, almost all nutrients found in synthetic multi vitamins are completely isolated, whereas nutrients found in food are synergistically combined with numerous nutrient co-factors that allow them to do their jobs properly (i.e. actually support greater health).

After extensive R&D, to create a nutrient formula derived exclusively from organic superfoods, Transforming Health Inc., introduced to market LeafSource® Real Multi, which takes several weeks to produce.

Each of the 21 organic vitamins and minerals in every One-a-Day veggie capsule of LeafSource® Real Multi are derived without any heat or chemicals, from 10 handpicked organic superfoods. The only added ingredient in the formula, is an award winning humic-fulvic acid complex (LeafSource®) containing over 70 organically-bound trace minerals. The proprietary LeafSource® Humic-Fulvic Acid Complex adds greater bioavailability to the entire formula, as well as delivering its own unique health benefits (17 amino acids, 9 vitamins, antioxidants, etc.).

With a strong following and years of helping consumers choose healthier options, Brad King and Transforming Health Inc., are ready to help you achieve your nutrition goals with “100% real, non-GMO, organic food-derived nutrients – the way Mother Nature intended.”

About Transforming Health Inc.: Transforming Health Inc., is a 16-year old innovative nutritional formulation company, founded and committed to optimizing one’s health profile through 100% whole, real, non-GMO, organic food-derived nutrients – the way Mother Nature intended. Our formulas are designed to help anyone do whatever it is they do, better!

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