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Ways to Make Your Own Hibiscus Syrup



Hibiscus Syrup

hibiscus syrup

Did you ever know that a flower forms the daisy family can be used to treat your skin problems? Did you know that a type of pepper can heal your joints? Do you ever come across the fact that a berry that we think is a wild fruit can help relieve your digestion problems? Well, these are common phenomena that we overlook in our lives. Many flowers, plants, trees, herbs, leaves play an important role and help us treat many healthy problems in our lives.

Today, we are going to discuss one such flower that acts very well in helping us fight many problem. We will talk about the ever-glorious hibiscus flowers.


Do you remember that you have seen a lily like small size pink flowers here and there in gardens? That is the ideal hibiscus flower. Just like every other species, they come in variety of colors and sizes. They are grown for their brilliant showcase of colors and flowers that attract attention. They are popular among graders as shrubs and flowers. They are also a butterfly attracter and hence if you want to establish a butterfly garden, do make sure that these are the inclusions. The flowers also attract bees and hummingbirds for pollens.

The plant is a hardy and versatile one. Ideally found in tropical conditions, it can enhance beauty of any landscape. It can adapt to variety of conditions such as balconies, kitchen gardens, terrace gardens, urban spaces and even in pot. They also come in the form of creepers and dwarf plants. The perennial plant flower through the year but its colors shine mostly in summers.

Uses of hibiscus flowers

hibiscus flowers

While many of us use these flowers only for gardening purpose, they can be very beneficial in number of ways, including our health. Since ancient times, a species of Hibiscus called as Kenaf is extensively used in making paper. Another use is that in the rope and construction industry. The inner bark of the hibiscus is used for making rope. Here, a particular species of hibiscus called as sea hibiscus is used. The use is popular in Polynesia and they also use the wood of the plant for canoe making. The missionary ship Messenger of Peace had ropes made out of hibiscus only.

Hibiscus is a popular choice of ingredient in making beverages. The calyces of the plant called sabdasariffa is very popular as hot and cold beverage. The red color is very identical and the tartness along with the unique flavor gives the drink its trademark taste. The drink is high in nutritional value due to the Vitamin C content of the flower.

Cold beverages of the hibiscus flower are a popular choice of drinks in different part of the world. Many countries add lime juice along with sugar and honey to give it a sweet taste. Some even add ice cubes or cold water to have the drink as a refreshment.

The next popular use of hibiscus is in food. The dry hibiscus flower is edible and is a popular choice of delicacy in many cuisines. It is also candied and many chefs even use them as garnish in different types of desserts.

A species of hibiscus is even used as a popular vegetable in some part of the world. The species Linn is noted as a souring agent. It is highly popular in Philippines as a great souring agents, added in many local ingredient menus. Some native soups are also prepared using hibiscus as an important flavoring agent. The food plants.

Hibiscus has several use in our healthy. They are used to control blood pressure and sugar. Indian Ayurveda shows number of medicinal use of hibiscus rosa.

Hibiscus syrup-traits and uses

Hibiscus is a cold syrup that acts a revitalizing agent, giving a sense of freshness. Often had during summers, the syrup can almost be had anytime. Another interesting fact is that the hibiscus flower belongs to the family of marshmallow. These are having very high vitamin rich content. The red color flowers of the species of a particular hibiscus are used in the preparation of most common hibiscus syrup which provides several benefits of the body.

Control in blood pressure

Blood pressure control

Drinking the syrup of hibiscus can help avoid the onset of blood pressure related problems. It can reduce the blood pressure. When you drink at least three cups of the syrup each day, you can lower the blood pressure by ten points. This is possible if you drink it in a regular manner and don’t stop in between. The syrup works by stimulating the output of toxins as well as salts from the body which helps Control blood pressure.

Reduce cholesterol and sugar

The hibiscus flower is a natural miracle that has several antioxidants in it. These contribute nicely to the lowering of the cholesterol levels, which are the root causes of many diseases in our body. They also lead to certain heart related problems. The hibiscus syrup also portrays a unique anti-grease property which can help lower down diabetes 2 control in many patients.


Fight cancer

The hibiscus syrup has proven benefits again cancer symptoms. The antioxidant hibiscus contains various types of acids Aclavic. These help fight the occurrence of the tumors. They also have the ability to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells, thereby inhibiting their growth to some extent. A study name of apoptosis also makes use of hibiscus in discovering the tumor at an early stage.

As an antibiotic

The syrup contains vitamin C and many antibiotics. These play a major role in flourishing the immune system of the body. When you take the syrup on regular basis for number of weeks, you can help your body’s immune system fight against germs causing flue, cold and even fever.

Help in menstrual pain

Hibiscus syrup can also reduce the pain women face during menstrual cycle. This works very well as the hibiscus balances the hormones in our body during the menstrual period. When our hormones are balanced, we get normal periods and pain reduces. It also helps our body fight against the weakening condition during that time. The syrup can also come handy in reducing the pain, Lowering Anxiety Levels and depression affecting the women during menses.

Helps in digestion


When you drink hibiscus syrup, you are doing a good bit for your digestive system that works daily to help you gather food and convert into energy. The syrup helps by stimulating the stomach and intestines walls. This helps them in better food absorption. Further, the hibiscus syrup will help in the expulsion of the salts and even toxins out from our body. The syrup is an affective laxative which means it can relieve the signs of constipation and colic. It also prevents the accumulation of gases.

Weight loss

Weight loss

Since the hibiscus contains a multitude of antioxidants, it helps remove free radicals in our body. Also, the syrup helps in digestion and hence, is important for weight loss. It helps us burn calories better. It also activates the ability of our body to absorb carbohydrates as well as fats in a natural manner.

Help in fighting thirst

If you are on a strict diet or working out for hours, you might feel thirsty more than ever. The feeling can be removed if you start taking hibiscus syrup on regular basis. The syrup is better than any drink you take. It contains a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. The vital activity that bodies requires is provided by the hibiscus syrup. Many athletes and gym enthusiasts even use hibiscus syrup as a revitalizing drink.

Making hibiscus syrup at home

Just like many herbal and oil infused remedies, hibiscus syrup is fairly easy to make. There are many steps and different approaches to the methods. Given its sweet taste and a good-looking appearance, its no wonder to fall in love with the drink. Normally, people go for boiled version but you can also go for the well-steeped one. The petals yield an herbal elixir that is tart and tangy. It’s somewhat fruity as well. The taste is simply extraordinary and something to crave for. The flavors also remind you of raspberries and edible flowers.

There are many brands that manufacture hibiscus syrups and sell them commercially. However, since its too easy to make, it makes sense to get making your own at home. A bottle can coast you less than a dollar and hence, you should not pay ten times to get one from the market. Also, the freshness is something to admire when you make your own hibiscus syrup.

Many of us think of drinking the syrup as a cold beverage or drink when we talk about hibiscus syrup. The truth is, the syrup can be added to your favorite food items and can be had as an added healthy supplement. Some of the most ideal and inserting applications include

  • Frozen icy for granita
  • Brushed over cake forming layers
  • Stirring into the iced tea
  • As a topping for pudding or pan cake
  • Over a homemade ice cream
  • Frozen cubes for drinks
  • Used as an ice-cream sticks
  • For buttercream frosting
  • Raspberry addition
  • As fruit sauces
  • Drizzling over yogurt
  • Craft cocktails addition for red color
  • As gift to loved ones


You can start preparing it at home if you have a cup of dried petals of hibiscus. You can also to opt a bag of petals from any nearby garden having hibiscus plant.  If nothing works, you can get them at a local grocery store or a flower shop. Make sure that you have some tin jars or glass jars ready to store the liquid. Ensure that every container has lids on them. A recipe which we will be using will yield around six bottles of 5 ounces each bottle.  You may have some left over to use immediately.

The ingredients you will require are dried hibiscus leaves, water, a lemon slice, vanilla beans and water as per the requirement.

Start the method by simply bringing all the ingredients in a sauce pan and then allowing them to boil on simmer gas for 30 minutes. When all the ingredients are mixed in the right consistency, star straining. Strain through a sieve and then strain again using a cheesecloth. Take some bottles, sterilize them and use them to store the strain. Store in jars or bottles and have the syrup as necessary. You can use the syrup for around 6 months. Stored in a cool and dry place to get maximum benefits.

The contents of hibiscus syrup are very impressive. They have vitamin C in more quantity than even green tea.

Alternative method

Herre, we will describe another popular method of preparing hibiscus syrup. The preparation time is around 10 minutes and an hour is required to rest the syrup before using it.

The ingredients you will need include a medium lemon, 2 cups of water, a cup of dried hibiscus flowers, couple of bay leaves, a tablespoon of coriander seed and 2 cups of unrefined cane sugar.

Start preparing by grating the lemon peel into a small bowl. Slice the lemon half crosswise. Squeeze the lemon and keep it aside. Take a sauce pan and add the water. Bring the water to boil using medium heat for few minutes. Then, turn off the heat and quickly add hibiscus, bay leaves, coriander and lemon peel. Keep grating as you add while the water is warm.

Let the herbs steep well into the water and bring it to room temperature. After this, strain through a fine mesh into a second saucepan. Discard the spent herbs. Now place the saucepan on heat and add in sugar. Continue stirring until sugar is fully dissolved. Stir until the sugar dissolves completely. Add in lemon juice again and after you get a fine consistency, the syrup is ready to use.


Summing it up, we shall give you some tips you need to prepare the syrup at home in the right manner. The syrup making is always a step-by-step procedure. The herbal infusion is an important step and you should not hurry into it. Always choose dark red and organic dried flowers of hibiscus. They are the ones with best flavors and hence better for syrup recipes. When you allow the herbs to steep for longer time, your syrup will be more flavory. Use any natural preservative but sugar works the best.


We hope that this article was helpful and it will give you few new ideas to get the best from hibiscus syrup. Start making your own today. Keep reading for more such blogs.


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