September 24, 2023

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Medicare Advantage is quality health care policy


As an advocate of more than 30 years for the interests of Florida’s seniors, when the opportunity to be the executive director of our Silver Haired Legislature opened up, I jumped at the chance. 

It’s both gratifying and humbling for me to work in this position, as I have become very familiar with how legislation in Tallahassee and Washington can uplift the needs and wants of our seniors. But I have also seen where help is so desperately needed, especially to tend to the seniors who feel like their voices are not being heard or when there is a failure to address their basic health needs.  

What I want to focus on here is something that effectively linked both parts of my work, as a need was identified in the senior community and a program stepped up to serve our seniors with the help they deserve. And that came through Medicare Advantage. 


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