September 23, 2023

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“The Lifer”: Carol’s Story | Metabolism Makeover


“Over 40 years of on again off again diets that didn’t work and finally found the TRUE  magic elixir! It’s KNOWLEDGE, SCIENCE, and COMMUNITY!!  Sure I lost inches, fat and lbs, but this program is all about GAINING …. CONFIDENCE that is, and a guilt – free relationship  with food while at the same time getting PRETTY DARN STRONG 💪!!”
“The Lifer” 


“The Lifer”

“The Lifer” is someone who’s been dieting for decades. They’ve tried everything. Every fad, every “health-washed” food, every magic pill. 

The challenge:

For lifers, the biggest challenge is to rewire their brains that no food is off limits, and that sustainable weight loss (fat loss!) takes time to see progress. 30 days is just the beginning.

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Carol’s story

MM Team: Hey Carol! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Carol: I’m from Long Island, New York! I’ve had several career paths ranging from marketing to fitness teacher but most recently, I started working as an elementary health teacher.

After a pretty significant hip injury curtailed my fitness career, I decided to go back to school and get my Masters in Health Education in my 40s. 

I have been married almost 40 years to George (I’ve  had a crush on him since I was 12!) and we have two great sons, a wonderful daughter- in-law and our first granddaughter on the way this summer!  There is a little debate over whether I will be called  “grandma” or “Coco” (my alter ego). We love boating and can’t wait for the season to start! 

MM Team: What’s been your experience with dieting over the years?

Carol: I feel like I’ve been restricting calories, dieting, measuring, weighing myself and allowing this behavior to determine my mood and my relationships for too many years to count.  I went on my first “diet” at 12 because the family I babysat for was always dieting and it influenced me.  Food was always labeled  – good/bad/light/allowed/not allowed. It was my norm.  Most likely my mother’s attitude about food trickled down to me as well. Is it normal for a 13 year old to know how many calories are in a piece of American cheese?  

MM Team:  What did dieting look like at that age?

Carol: As a teen, I lived on Tab (diet soda) and smoked menthol cigarettes because it curtailed my appetite and the weight stayed off.  When I entered college at 18, that’s when the disordered eating began.  Binging/purging and gaining about 20 pounds by December.  My mother cried when I came home on Thanksgiving. The following summer I continued to drink the Tab, smoke cigarettes, ate iceberg lettuce,  drank coffee, while becoming an obsessive exerciser. Needless to say, the weight came off, but the minute I started eating REAL FOOD and not restricting my calories it all came back.

MM Team: What types of diets/programs have you tried since? Were any successful or sustainable for you?

Carol: As the unhealthy patterns continued, I found Aktkins, Adele Davis, Grapefruit Diet, Jenny Craig, Multiple attempts @ Weight Watchers and WW, never to have any SUSTAINABLE results.  

MM Team: How’d you learn about Metabolism Makeover?

Carol: I wasn’t looking to start something new. It was fall of 2020, and the pandemic had changed everyone’s lives. My good friend, Sharon, and I agreed to catch up over coffee in her backyard. We hadn’t seen each other in person in a while. I told her I’d bring the coffee on my way. “Hey I am running through DD [Dunkin Donuts] – Medium with milk and 3 splendas?”  She said “No, just a small one with a little bit of half and half and no splenda.” 

WTF? We have been friends for over 20 years! I know how she takes her coffee. Needless to say, we spent the next couple of hours sitting 6 feet apart while she explained how different this program was.  Her excitement was palpable! I WANTED TO KNOW MORE! I went home and started following Megan, @Themetabolismmakeover and ordered The Fall Meal Plan. I remember this so clearly because it really was my “AHA moment”.

MM Team: What were you most looking forward to about Metabolism Makeover?

Carol: My goal was to follow the meal plan and lose some weight. By Thanksgiving weekend I was committed. I purchased the “Black Friday Bundle” from The Metabolism Makeover and could not wait to begin in January 2021! 

I have started over  on “Mondays” more times than I can count.  Megan’s plan was OK with keeping my Vodka and Soda drinks! My weight was up significantly by January 1 due to the holidays, but that was ok.  My primary goal was to STOP and finally REPAIR my METABOLISM and lose the 10 pounds permanently and forever!  This time was going to be DIFFERENT!!!!

MM Team: How’d your 30 days go? 

Carol: I did not lose any weight in the first 30 days of MM ( My husband did though and was very encouraged to continue this style of eating.) But I wasn’t discouraged AT ALL! Any other time I was on a “diet” after a month of not losing weight , I would have quit.  The crazy thing was that I was more invested and engaged than ever before at this point! I felt less bloated, and I was eating more food than I ever had!  Three meals a day and not feeling guilty or apologizing.  Something was so different this time.

The weekly scheduled training(s) are centered on all the important parts of a strong metabolism (blood sugar balance, movement, fun moving beyond food with important things like sleep, managing stress and gut health. This was all put into a framework that made sense and kept me going – meal by meal, day by day and week by week.

MM Team: Was there anything that surprised you about your experience in Metabolism Makeover?

Carol: My mindset around food. I am a confident person in most areas of my life, but when it comes to my relationship with the scale and food, not so much.  Food stopped being “good or bad” or “ok or too much,” it was just an energy source for my body. Brilliant! The best changes have happened on the INSIDE, my attitude and mindset around food. This shift has changed so many other aspects of my life too!  It is a freedom that I didn’t know I needed! I am just so much happier!   Food stopped being “good or bad” or “ok or too much”, it was just an energy source for my body. Brilliant! At the same time, I learned that the number on the scale is merely your gravitational pull to the earth PERIOD thanks to Colleen Coffey, my MM coach!

MM Team: After the 30 days, did you have a plan for continuing the PHFF lifestyle?

Carol: I could not wait to GRADUATE to the continuation program, M3! Since joining, I’ve found the monthly calendar and challenges to be so motivating!  I am absolutely loving the M3 Strong workouts and the way my body is responding!  Another layer of value and a place to be accountable.  

MM Team: What would you say to a friend who has been considering joining MM?

Carol: The MM is NOT a diet, NOT a program that you “DO”.  It is a LIFESTYLE.  I have made changes to the way I eat and drink (I still enjoy a cocktail or two) but actually that is the smallest part.  I have had several friends sign up and  go through the program over the past year, a couple of them not even telling me until after they had!  They could feel my enthusiasm and wanted to become a part of this community.  I would tell anyone who wants to learn about how to nourish and feed not only their body, but also have a significant mindshift around food to not wait, get on the waitlist for The Metabolism Makeover! 

MM Team: What’s been your experience in M3?

Carol: The M3 community is so strong and supportive!  Body image, weight, and mental health, especially around food, is so fragile, especially with strangers;  but that’s the thing, this group of people share their most vulnerable feelings.  We are supported and buoyed up by one another. This moved me to want to become more involved! I remember feeling strangely enthusiastic and needed to connect more!  I decided  to become an accountability leader for a smaller group. It’s fun!  I love helping others stay on track and also I love asking for the same in return!

MM Team: Any final thoughts on MM/M3?

Carol: The biggest and most unexpected thing has been the relationships I have made.  I can’t believe the true friendships that have evolved as a result of being a part of the Metabolism Makeover.

Yes, I am talking to you Jo and Maria <3 <3  In addition to the fabulous and strong women in my Accountability Group! So a year later, on Black Friday and I signed up for another year of M3 in full!  As I said back then, I am #allin #ThatMMlife #thatPHFFlife!  Megan recently posted,“Do. The. Work.”  Simply, that’s it. It will change your life forever in the most amazing ways! 


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