September 23, 2023

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If I Could Turn Back Time


If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t.

I would just hit the pause button. Because life right now is, well, going. Going well. And fast. And everyone [4 kids and Mom] seem to be happy most days. And that’s something I want to bottle up and never take for granted. If you’ve been around this blog for awhile now you know I’ve had quite a few rough patches over the past couple years. So, when things are on the “right” path, I hit my knees more than a few times a day and thank God for the moments- moments of calm, chaos, light, love, and stress. ALL of it. All are signs that the Serbinski family is living… one day at a time.

These 4 clean up well if I say so myself! The stud on the far right completed his First Holy Communion this weekend.

I feel like we’ve lived a lifetime of memories this spring [actually this past weekend] and for good reason: our schedule has never been busier. 2 baseball teams, 1 soccer team, a basketball clinic, some more work hours for Mom, a First Holy Communion, an upcoming Kindergarten graduation, the list goes on and on.

Happy and grumpy- the two co-exist in this family!

There’s a saying in recovery, “we shall not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.” I’m not always thrilled with the choices of my past which is a huge reason as to why I don’t really want to turn back time. But after spending some time reflecting Joey’s First Communion this weekend I believe the message God was sending my children and I is one of grace and forgiveness. That we aren’t defined by our mistakes but by the love that we can choose to move forward with. Remember to lead with love, be kinder than necessary, and yes, be where your hands are. The rest will follow! 

The first ever baseball season for Big Mac! His sibs love being his own cheering section!

And if there’s one thing these 4 have taught me about their love is that it’s unconditional no matter the time of day, the season of life we are in, or if I choose to hit the pause button on a favorite moment or two of life.  


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